San Diego Master Gardeners
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San Diego Master Gardeners
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the FAQs:

  • Can you recommend a company where I can buy beneficial insects?
  • What can I spray on a tree to keep it from producing fruit?
  • What is making my Italian Cypress turn brown?
  • How can I get rid of ivy ground cover in my yard?
  • Should I treat my lawn with beneficial nematodes or an insecticide?
  • Can I replant the same kind of ice plant in an area of my yard where a large area of it died?
  • Is a disease turning the leaves on my oleander yellow?
  • Can you recommend a professional arborist?
  • Is there a beekeeper I can call to remove a swarm of honeybees from my yard?
  • Can you recommend a good consulting arborist?
  • Why has my 7 year old avocado tree never borne fruit?
  • How can I identify which tree roots are growing into my sewer pipe?
  • Can I spray my nectarine tree for leaf curl after it starts blooming?
  • When should I fertilize my eastern red bud tree?
  • What tree can I plant that a pine bark beetle will not kill?
  • What are some drought tolerant, low maintenance, plants?
  • Can I use Roundup to kill some grass growing near my roses?
  • I harvested an acorn squash from a volunteer plant but the fruit was too bitter to eat?
  • Are seeds from the California Pepper Tree the same as the Pink Peppercorns sold at herb stores?
  • What are the small worms on my olive tree?
  • Why are my navel oranges splitting?
  • Do pumpkins and squash easily cross breed?
  • What is difference between wasp, hornets and bees?
  • Can I fertilize my eucalyptus tree to fight off the red gum lerp psyllid?
  • How do you treat blossom end rot on tomatoes?
  • Should I prune my citrus shoots?
  • My ground cover (Myoporum parvifolium) is dying?
  • What fertilizer should I use?
  • How do we control ants entering the house?
  • How do I grow geraniums from cuttings?
  • Can bananas grow in San Diego?
  • Bamboo is spreading into my yard. What can I do?
  • Could bark beetles attack the pine trees at my home?
  • Why are my oranges turning brown and black?
  • Why is my oak tree leaves drying up?
  • Who do I call to have a eucalyptus tree removed?
  • Some leaves on my citrus tree turned yellow and dropped should I fertilize my orange tree now?
  • How can I get rid of the mushrooms and will they kill my tree?
  • Will my Yucca tree roots die or keep growing?
  • What should I do with a 70 year old Avocado tree that might fall over?
  • What kind of onions should I plant?
  • What animal would strip the bark off branches on my bougainvillea?
  • How long do nematodes stay in the soil?
  • How do you crack macadamia nuts?
  • What can we do to protect my fruit trees from borers?
  • St. Augustine grass is invading my tall fescue lawn. Will Roundup kill the St. Augustine grass?
  • If I use treated wood around my fruit trees, will the chemicals poison my fruit?
  • Why do my walnuts turn black?
  • What is killing my grass and how can I control it?
  • Why don't my bird-of-paradise plants bloom?
  • What is this white cottony substance on my pyracantha?
  • What does a tomato hornworm turn into?
  • What is the green powdery substance on the trunk and branches of my citrus tree?
  • I think I have found Red Imported Fire Ants. What should I do?
  • Why are my citrus trees losing their leaves?
  • How Much Should I Water?
  • What is the Asian citrus psyllid and citrus greening disease or Huanglongbing?
  • How do I become a Master Gardener?
  • Should fertilize our citrus trees this fall?
  • How should I care for my rose bushes this fall?
  • What should I do with my Camellias this fall?
  • Should I mulch our ornamental flower and plant beds in fall?
  • I have a Bermuda lawn that is beginning to look bad. Should I fertilize in fall?
  • How do I contact a Master Gardener?
  • Are green potatoes safe to eat?
    Dead, Dying, and Diseased Oaks are a Problem in San Diego County
  • How can I control aphids?
  • What kind of tree should I plant...?
  • Can you recommend a company where I can buy some lady beetles?
  • Dwarf avocado is 25 feet tall but has never borne fruit, what shall I do?
  • What should I do to prevent leaf curl?
  • The leaves on my squash and pumpkins are covered with mildew – is this because I watered the leaves?
  • How to Save Water
  • The leaves my 'red apple' ground cover have developed purplish and brown spots and the plants seem to be dying.
  • Given our current drought situation and water restrictions, how can I keep my mature fruit and ornamental trees healthy?

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